Doing all the heavy lifting

Gas-assisted maintenance stand for eBikes and heavier bicycles. Patent pending

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What is it?

The Bikonic bike stand is a gas-assisted bicycle maintenance stand designed to make it easier to work on heavier bikes, like eBikes, commuters and mountain bikes. 'Smart Design' brings you the very best engineering at a fraction of the price of an equivalent electric stand.

What does it do?

It's a workshop-quality stand which also helps to keep your spine healthy - that's a very cool USP. Lifting a heavy bike like a mountain bike or an eBike puts a huge strain on your back muscles and spine. This is made worse by the juggling act you perform while resting the bike on your chest to clamp the bike into the stand with your free hand. Our stand totally removes both the 'lifting' and the 'balancing' strain. With the Bikonic stand the bike is clamped into the stand while still on the ground, the gas spring then lifts it up to your preferred working height. The gas spring takes most of the weight - like lifting the tailgate of your car - and the bike feels practically weightless as you move it up and down. Beautiful, pure engineering, which is partly why it's a fraction of the cost of an equivalent electric stand (and yes, it works beautifully with fly-weight road bikes, too).

Why do you need it?

  • Because buying a bike costs a fortune. You need to look after it or it will continue to cost a fortune!
  • Because if you work on bikes for a living, lifting heavy bikes will damage your back - and that will cost you even more than a fortune.
  • Because lifting a heavy bike is difficult - so you're less likely to do it. Which means your bike won't be cleaned properly, won't be lubed properly and will start to break down and cost you money.
  • Because it's safer. Lifting a big, heavy object that's awkwardly hinged, with moving parts and spinning wheels is just asking for trouble.
  • Because it's safer for the bike too - do you really want to drop it and chip that luscious paint?
  • Because it's fully warrantied and fully supported. It's a very strong and robust stand, but also fully rebuildable to last a lifetime.
  • Because it's not just the assist. We want our stand to be the best stand -  with the best clamp, best features and the best complete system.
'The bike feels like it weighs nothing... this is genius design'
Mark Letherland, at the National Cycling Show

Why gas-assisted?

  • Because it's the smart solution. All the benefits of an electric stand without the cost.
  • Simpler than an electric stand, no power or safety implications for the workplace. No cables, no fire risk, no hazards
  • Silent operation. (Some electric stands are LOUD!)
  • Faster than an electric stand - instantaneous, in fact. Electric stands are, you know, s l o w.
  • Maneuverable - unlike an electric stand you can place it anywhere you like. Moveable on it's own legs, permanently fixed to the floor, or even wall-mounted.
  • Super-compact. It's no more than head-height and has the footprint of a regular stand - you won't have to raise the roof to fit it in.
A gas spring does all the heavy lifting for you - just like opening the boot of an estate car or opening the trunk of an SUV. Lifting that big, heavy steel door at the back of the car is made effortless by those gas-assisted struts. It's the same with the Bikonic stand - which means that our system has been tried and tested by millions of users all over the world! Seriously, gas springs have been around since 1875 in the US and were first patented in Europe in 1891 - today they are very, very reliable. We think we have engineered the perfect stand, but we also want it to last a lifetime, so as well as a factory warranty the stand is fully rebuildable - every component can be swapped out and replaced in a few minutes.

Our engineers are only interested in your engineers. If they're not happy, we're not happy.
'This will be the next big thing. Why hasn't this come out a long time ago?'
Adam Morris, at the National Cycling Show


Bikonic is at final pre-production prototype stage which now incorporates all the feedback and great ideas we have picked up from industry and riders over the last eighteen months. Full production is now scheduled for August 2024. You will be able to purchase one of our stands when we launch our Indiegogo campaign in June 2024.

How much?

We have a target price point which is about a third of the price of some electric stands. So if you're saving up for a top-end unassisted stand, you may not have to save much more for a gas-assisted one. Pricing is now released as part of our Indiegogo campaign - which is offering TWENTY PERCENT DISCOUNT  right now! Sign up on our Indiegogo page using the link above. It's a very special once-in-a-lifetime launch offer so don't miss out!

(you don't pick the bike up at all. There you go - need we say more?) Oh, OK then....

Professional standards

We want every bike shop in the country to have a Bikonic stand for all their heavy lifting. To do this we need to make sure that our stand is guaranteed and engineered to last a lifetime. We want those pro mechanics to be able to use our stand all day, every day, all year round. That means riders like you will benefit from those standards too, not just the pros. The Bikonic stand is fully rebuildable, warrantied and factory-supported. We don't just want it to last a lifetime, we want you to hand it on to the next generation.


We want those pro bike shops to have more than one of our stands - so we're pricing our stand very aggressively - especially so against the cost of an equivalent electric stand. That's not just good news for the pros, it's good news for riders like you, too. We want anyone to be able to become a Bikonic customer. Sign up using the Indiegogo link above to take advantage of our TWENTY PERCENT DISCOUNT once-in-a-lifetime launch offer!


Talking to customers has shown that any bike stand needs to cover every type of bike - not just the heavy ones. Rest assured the Bikonic stand is designed and engineered for YOU, whether you own a big, heavy eBike or a Tour de France racer - or both. Don't forget: a big, butch stand can easily hold an ordinary bike, but an ordinary stand can't hold a big butch bike!